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Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate.

Abrasion resistant (AR) steel plate is a high-carbon alloy steel designed specifically to have greater hardness properties than low-carbon steel.

Abrasion resistant (AR) steel plate is a high-carbon alloy steel plate. This means that AR is harder due to the addition of carbon, and formable and weather resistant due to added alloys.

Carbon added during the formation of the steel plate substantially increases toughness and hardness, but reduces strength. Therefore, AR plate is used in situations where abrasions and wear and tear are the main causes of failure.

Hardness typically comes at the expense of strength, making AR wear-resistant steel an ideal material for harsh, high-abrasion conditions, and not for structural applications.

WPI Abrasodur Wear Plates.

he fabrication of the WPI – plate is carried out by use of a core wire welding process. The extreme wear resistance is achieved by use of high quality WPI core wire high Chromium and Carbon content.

The addition of complex carbides enables the formation of a high content of Chromium-and special carbides, so that the the required properties are achievable in the first layer in accordance to the DIN 855 E10 – 60G. The characteristic, hypereutectic weld metal of the FeCrC-hardfacing alloy consist of large, primary deposited carbides of the of the type M7C3,embedded in the eutectic matrix.


Can be delivered as pre-finished blanks with fixation elements,sinkhole bores or others. Recoating is carried out with similar alloy electrodes or core wires.


The PLATINUM plate, fabricated with the high performance welding process PTA(Plasma Transferred Arc), is the answer to the increasing demands to improve profitability and productivity in the heavy industry where we are able to apply special iron based alloys.

Ceramic Liner

All Leading Industries are now using ceramic pulley lagging as an ideal solution to boost productivity by eliminating costly belt slippage problems. Particularly suited to abrasive or highly wet or dry applications, Superior’s ceramic lagging provides significantly greater traction than conventional lagging.Constructed from hundreds of individual ceramic tiles molded into a durable rubber backing,ceramic lagging cuts maintenance cost,reduce wear from abrasive materials,and extends the life of key conveyor components as it eliminates the need to over tension the belt to attain traction.


Alumina content: 90-92 %
Thickness of pad – 14 mm
Tile thickness – 6 mm
Size of tile: 25 * 25 mm
Hardness of ceramic: R45N – 75
Density of ceramic: 3.5 gm/cc

Vibrating Feeder and Screen.

WPI Vibrating Feeder is built to withstand the toughest work in a quarry or mine by matching different application; The feeder series is designed particularly for continuous use with any hard and abrasive materials through uniform flow. They are backed by years of service proven performance in the mining, aggregates, glass, cement,chemical,wood products and steel industries.

Vibrating Feeder Features:

Flexible design
Extra heavy-duty construction
Exclusive vibrator technology
Good performance-conditioning, no flushing phenomenon of materials
Easy maintenance and low operating cost

New ARCOPLATE Product Range

Alloy Steel International are pleased to announce the introduction of an exciting upgraded new range of alloys specifically designed to combat wear, hang up, sliding abrasion at high and low temperatures,impact and gouging abrasion.

2003 Will see Alloy Steel International introduce the broadest range of super Alloy’s and ceramet materials of any major manufacture of bi metallic wear products.

Alloy Steel International and metallurgist world over have long recognized that there is no single material on market that will cope with more than one variable at a time. With that in mind Alloy Steel International has developed the best possible solution for any specific application.

Gone are the days when one was left with one shoe fits all types of feet and applications. Mining and production equipment has to be reliable and cost effective.Alloy Steel International has brought to the mining and mineral processing materials truly designed to help the plant and maintenance engineer, the tools necessary to achieve production goals only once thought impossible.

Alloy Steel International is all about reducing your production costs and maximizing productivity.

ARCOPLATE product range from Alloy Steel International.

Arco Alloy 1600 is recommended for moderate impact and high abrasion applications.

Arco Alloy 800 is recommended for moderate to high abrasion and low to moderate impact applications.

Arco Alloy 810 is recommended for moderate to high abrasion and moderate to high impact applications.

Arco Alloy 1040 is recommended for moderate impact, high abrasion and cyclic temperatures up to 500 C.Applications include steel mill roll guide shoes,clinker feeders and in iron Ore pellet plants.


PU HZ Liners

Rubber /PU / Ceramic Liners Rubber With Steel back up plates PU Liners with ceramic inserts. PU Liners with steel back up plate.

Proven Potential Applications (PPA)

Small Diameter Internally Hard Faced Tubes/Pipes


Tube with a minimum diameter of 100 mm are available,with a maximum length of 3m.
Tubes can be fitted with standard flanges so that the replacement of worn out tubes can be done quickly and easily.

Virtually any inner diameter from the 100 – 300 mm range can be produced by applying a different wearfacing thickness inside the standard base tube.This allows a close mating joint to the exiting installation thus avoiding turbulent media flow.