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Cement Industry

What We Do

In cement manufacturing, fine particle abrasion is a very significant cause of shutdowns and production losses. Alloy Steel International has specifically designed a range of products with a range of superior metallurgical structures to combat wear. Wear Plate’s unique microstructure, with its ultra fine and high volume of M7C3 carbides and other complex carbide structures, are capable of resisting wear due to fine particle (and in some cases high temperature abrasion).

Field trials worldwide have clearly demonstrated that Wear Plate out surpasses all forms of welded Wear plate. The extremely high density of primary and secondary carbides, uniformly dispersed throughout the entire thickness of the alloy overlay, ensures performance like no other!


Mining & Crushing
  • Excavator Shovels/buckets
  • Loader Shovels/buckets
  • Cyclones
  • End Disc Liner
  • Crusher Body Liners
  • Chutes & Hoppers
  • Surface Miners
Lime Stone /Coal/Cement
  • Mill Body Liners
  • Classifier Blades/Guidevanes
  • Grit Cone
  • Mill Separator Blades
  • Feed Chutes/pipes
  • Bell Housing
  • Nozzle Rings
  • Louvre
Kiln & Cooler
  • ID Fans
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Clinker Feed / Discharge Chutes
  • Cooler Seals / Strips
  • Immersion Tubes
Cement Transportation/Storage
  • V Pipes / Y Pipes
  • Elbows & Bends
  • Dust Collectors / ESP Ducting
  • Silos / Hoppers